Course Description :

This course is designed to introduce the basis of the material point method (MPM), which is an advanced numerical approach especially suited to model large deformation problems. The course includes lectures and hands-on computer sessions in which students will have the opportunity to have their first experience with the Anura3D software. Anura3D is an MPM software especially developed to solve geotechnical problems and incorporates a dynamic hydro-mechanical approach capable of modeling multi-phase analysis and soil-structure interaction problems. During training lectures, the students will learn first-hand capabilities of MPM by means of a set of practical exercises that will be undertaken following a tutorial specially designed for the course.

Specific Course Objectives :
  • Determine advantages and limitations of MPM with respect other classical numerical tools used in geotechnical modeling.
  • Perform numerical calculations with Anura3D software.
  • Employ different numerical tools available in Anura3D such as contact algorithm, excavation, moving mesh, and 1- and 2-phase approaches.
Course Prerequisite :
Graduate standing.
Hours & Credits :
1H, 1C
Semester Offered :