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Job Posts (Ph.D. Graduates)

There are currently 54 records in the BSE Opportunities database.

Each Short Title entry contains a link to the online posting or a text descrption.

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Opportunity Short Title Organization Location Posted By Date Posted
Job Post  Research Hydrologist  US Forest Service  Davis or Riverside California  Tess Thompson  2019-06-14 
Job Post  Scientist, Pathway Engineering  Greenlight Biosciences  Medford, MA  Bronson Weston  2019-05-05 
Job Post  MANUFACTURING ENGINEER  Genentech  South San Francisco, CA  Yi Lu  2019-05-03 
Job Post  Bioprocess I/II  BioFactura, Inc.  Frederick, MD  Mary Tovillo  2019-04-30 
Job Post  Protein/Molecular Biology Scientist  NGM Biopharmaceuticals  San Francisco, CA  Kaila Martin  2019-04-29 
Job Post  Research Scientist  Manus Bio  Cambridge, MA  Kaila Martin  2019-04-29 
Job Post  Associate Scientist  Gilead  Foster City, CA  Yi Lu  2019-04-27 
Job Post  Research Scientist - FACS  PPD  Rockville, Maryland  Sasha Thomasson  2019-04-26 
Job Post  Scientist/Engineer: Biomedical  ECS  Arlington, VA  Sasha Thomasson  2019-04-26 
Job Post  Synthetic Biologist  bioMASON  Durham, NC  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-04-21 
Job Post  Scientist, Pharmaceutical Sciences  Seattle Genetics  Bothell, WA  Yi Lu  2019-04-20 
Job Post  Process Control Engineer  Aspen Technology  Houston, TX  Emma K Sieber  2019-04-19 
Job Post  Eco-engineer/Eco-hydrologist I  cbec eco engineering  West Sacramento or Santa Cruz  Tess Thompson  2019-04-18 
Job Post  Research Engineer, R&D Technical Operations  Herbalife Nutrition  Winston-Salem, NC  Joshua James  2019-04-15 
Job Post  Product Design Engineer  ITT  Lancaster, PA  Mary Tovillo  2019-04-15 
Job Post  Assistant Professor/Mathematical And Computational Life Sciences  University of Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh, PA  Bronson Weston  2019-04-14 
Job Post  Postdoctoral Research Associate - Microbiology and Metabolic Engineering  Oak Ridge National Laboratory  Oak Ridge, TN  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-04-14 
Job Post  Synthetic Biology Postdoctoral Fellowships  ORISE Maryland  Adelphi, MD  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-04-14 
Job Post  Research Assistant Professor, Synthetic Dna Design & Nano Bio Engineering  George Mason University  Fairfax, VA  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-04-08 
Job Post  Assistant Professor - Bioengineering and the First Year Engineering Program  University of Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh, PA   Christian Heryakusuma  2019-04-08 
Job Post  Manufacturing Process Engineer  Gilead  Amsterdam, Netherlands  Yi Lu  2019-04-06 
Job Post  Research Associate/Scientist-Molecular Biology  Conagen Inc.  Bedford, MA  Yamilet Macias-Orihuela  2019-04-05 
Job Post  Scientist, Protein Engineering  Benson-Hill Biosystems  St. Louis, MO  Yamilet Macias-Orihuela  2019-04-05 
Job Post  Immuno-biology Post-Doc  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center  Seattle, Washington  Rebecca Schmieley  2019-04-05 
Job Post  Protein Engineer  Arbor Biotechnologies  Cambridge, MA  Elizabeth Bose  2019-04-04 
Job Post  Biostatistician - Entry Level  IQVIA  Durham, North Carolina  Christine Ash  2019-04-01 
Job Post  Engineering Associate  JP Research, Inc.  Fort Washington, PA  Emma Sieber  2019-03-29 
Job Post  Postdoctoral Fellow in Cell Cycle Biology: Systems Pharmacology  Pfizer  San Diego, CA  Bronson Weston  2019-03-29 
Job Post  Automated Surgical Tool Engineer  University of Nebraska   Lincoln, NE  Rebecca Schmieley  2019-03-28 
Job Post  Research Scientist  Lilly  Greenfield, Indiana  Elizabeth Bose  2019-03-28 
Job Post  National Biosafety & Biocontainment Training Program Fellowship  NBBTP  Bethesda, MD  Christine Ash  2019-03-26 
Job Post  Watershed Coordinator  Eastern Band Cherokee Indians – Natural Resources Department, NC  Cherokee, NC  Leigh-Anne Krometis  2019-03-25 
Job Post  Research Associate- Process Development  Greenlight Biosciences, Inc.  Medford, MA  Sara Prince  2019-03-25 
Job Post  Biomedical Engineer  National Biomechanics Institute  Los Angeles, CA   Leila Kamareddine  2019-03-25 
Job Post  Biomedical Engineer  U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command  Fort Sam Houston, Texas  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-03-24 
Job Post  Associate Scientist/Engineer, Protein Drug Product Development  Biogen  Cambridge, MA  Joshua James  2019-03-22 
Job Post  R&D Scientist  LifeNet Health  San Diego, CA  Garrett Craft  2019-03-21 
Job Post  Bioengineer - Drug Development Scientist  Tunnell Consulting  Maryland  Garrett Craft  2019-03-21 
Job Post  Postdoctoral Position in Engineering Biology Automation  NIST  Gaithersburg, Maryland  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-03-19 
Job Post  BioProcess Engineer   Clara Foods  San Francisco, CA  Sara Prince  2019-03-05 
Job Post  Scientist, Biochemistry and Enzyme Engineering  Intrexon  San Francisco, CA  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-03-04 
Job Post  Post-Doctoral Research Position in the Metabolic Engineering and Biomanufacturing Laboratory  University of South Florida  Tampa, Florida  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-03-04 
Job Post  Scientist, Synthetic Biology  Flagship Pioneering  Cambridge, MA  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-02-25 
Job Post  Principal Scientist Engineering - Vaccine Process Development and Commercialization  Merck  West Point, PA  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-02-20 
Job Post  Postdoctoral Associate in Engineering and Material Science  Virginia Tech  Blacksburg  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-02-20 
Job Post  Facilities Manager  Ballast Point Brewing Co.  San Diego, CA  Josh James  2019-02-17 
Job Post  Sr Packaging Engineer I  Gilead  Foster City, CA  Yi Lu  2019-02-15 
Job Post  Post-Doctoral Research Scholar-Chemical Engineering  Virginia Commonwealth University  Richmond, VA  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-02-14 
Job Post  Biomedical Engineer  National Biomechanics Institute  Los Angeles, CA  Mary Tovillo  2019-02-13 
Job Post  Computational Biologist  3T Biosciences  Menlo Park, California  Richard Yea  2019-02-10 
Job Post  Water Resources/Wastewater EIT  HDR, Inc.  Boise, Idaho  Joshua James  2019-02-08 
Job Post  Senior Research Scientist  NanoScope Technologies  Bedford, TX  Garrett Craft  2019-02-07 
Job Post  Watershed Engineering Manager  San Antonio River Authority  San Antonio, TX  Mary Tovillo  2019-02-05 
Job Post  PROFESSOR - CHEMICAL & BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING  University of Wisconsin-Madison  Madison, Wisconsin  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-01-30 

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