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Job Posts (M.S. Graduates)

There are currently 40 records in the BSE Opportunities database.

Each Short Title entry contains a link to the online posting or a text descrption.

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Opportunity Short Title Organization Location Posted By Date Posted
Job Post  Entry-level Water Resources Engineer  Wildlands Engineering  Fairfax, VA  Tess Thompson  2019-06-07 
Job Post  Process Engineer  NextCure, Inc.  Beltsville, MD  Dallas Bridges  2019-05-29 
Job Post  Water Resources Extension Agent  Clemson  Anderson, SC or Charleston, SC  Tess Thompson  2019-05-24 
Job Post  Research Associate I/II, Immunotherapy   Editas Medicine   Cambridge, MA  Joshua James  2019-05-05 
Job Post  Senior Process Controls Engineer  Rubius Therapeutics  Smithfield, RI  Bronson Weston  2019-05-05 
Job Post  MANUFACTURING ENGINEER  Genentech  South San Francisco, CA  Yi Lu  2019-05-03 
Job Post  Research Assistant  Green Plains  York, NE  Mary Tovilo  2019-04-30 
Job Post  Bioprocess I/II  BioFactura, Inc.  Frederick, MD  Mary Tovillo  2019-04-30 
Job Post  Research Scientist  Manus Bio  Cambridge, MA  Kaila Martin  2019-04-29 
Job Post  Manufacturing Specialist / Scientist   Seattle Genetics  Zug, Switzerland  Yi Lu  2019-04-27 
Job Post  Biomedical Engineer  BWX Technologies  Lynchburg, VA  Nick Bohmann  2019-04-24 
Job Post  Senior Research Associate, IO and Cell Therapy Gene Editing  Juno Therapeutics  Seattle, WA  Yi Lu  2019-04-20 
Job Post  Process Control Engineer  Aspen Technology  Houston, TX  Emma K Sieber  2019-04-19 
Job Post  Environmental Chemist  Gradient  Cambridge, MA  Richard Yea  2019-04-19 
Job Post  Eco-engineer/Eco-hydrologist I  cbec eco engineering  West Sacramento or Santa Cruz  Tess Thompson  2019-04-18 
Job Post  Research Engineer, R&D Technical Operations  Herbalife Nutrition  Winston-Salem, NC  Joshua James  2019-04-15 
Job Post  Engineer I  Freudenberg Medical  Baldwin Park, CA  Emma K Sieber  2019-04-12 
Job Post  Environmental Engineer, Scientist, or Geologist  Langan Engineering and Environmental Services  Arlington, VA  Richard Yea  2019-04-11 
Job Post  Project Engineer, R&D, Medical Device Design  Helbling Precision Engineering  Cambridge, MA  Leila Kamareddine  2019-04-11 
Job Post  Manufacturing Process Engineer  Gilead  Amsterdam, Netherlands  Yi Lu  2019-04-06 
Job Post  Environment, Health, and Safety Analyst  Boeing  Tukwila, WA  Emma Sieber  2019-04-05 
Job Post  Bioengineer II  celgene  Seattle, Washington  Rebecca Schmieley  2019-04-05 
Job Post  Biomedical Engineer  Merion  El Monte, CA  Leila Kamareddine  2019-04-02 
Job Post  Strain Engineer  Gingko Bioworks  Boston, MA  Richard Yea  2019-03-27 
Job Post  Chemical Process Engineer  Omni One  Dayton, OH   Mary Tovillo  2019-03-27 
Job Post  Watershed Coordinator  Eastern Band Cherokee Indians – Natural Resources Department, NC  Cherokee, NC  Leigh-Anne Krometis  2019-03-25 
Job Post  Research Associate- Process Development  Greenlight Biosciences, Inc.  Medford, MA  Sara Prince  2019-03-25 
Job Post  Biomedical Engineer  U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command  Fort Sam Houston, Texas  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-03-24 
Job Post  Bioengineer - Drug Development Scientist  Tunnell Consulting  Maryland  Garrett Craft  2019-03-21 
Job Post  NPS policy data analyst  Department of Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Maryland  Annapolis, MD  Tess Thompson  2019-03-18 
Job Post  Senior Research Associate, Medicinal Chemistry  Gilead  Seattle, WA  Yi Lu  2019-03-07 
Job Post  Process Engineer CAR T Process Development  Juno Therapeutics  Seattle, WA  Yi Lu  2019-03-03 
Job Post  Process Engineer CAR T Process Development  Juno Therapeutics  Seattle, WA  Yi Lu  2019-03-03 
Job Post  Senior Engineer (Research & Development)  Novartis  Lake Forest, CA  Joshua James  2019-03-01 
Job Post  Principal Scientist Engineering - Vaccine Process Development and Commercialization  Merck  West Point, PA  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-02-20 
Job Post  Facilities Manager  Ballast Point Brewing Co.  San Diego, CA  Josh James  2019-02-17 
Job Post  Fermentation Superviso  Insight Global  Horsham, PA  Kaila Martin  2019-02-15 
Job Post  Process Engineer II-Solid Dose Manufacturing  Gilead  Foster City, CA  Yi Lu  2019-02-15 
Job Post  Water Resources/Wastewater EIT  HDR, Inc.  Boise, Idaho  Joshua James  2019-02-08 
Job Post  Research Associate, Molecular Biology  Manus Bio  Cambridge, MA  Bronson Weston  2019-01-30 

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