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There are currently 11 records in the BSE Opportunities database.

Each Short Title entry contains a link to the online posting or a text descrption.

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Opportunity Short Title Organization Location Posted By Date Posted
Job Post  Part Time Stormwater Inspector  Henrico County Department of Public Works  Richmond, VA  Alex Gruendl  2019-06-10 
Volunteering  Volunteering Opportunity  Engineering Without Borders USA (EWB-USA)  Around the world  Christian Heryakusuma  2019-04-28 
Internship  High Throughput Screening Intern  Ginkgo Bioworks  Boston, MA  Garrett Craft  2019-04-26 
Job Post  R&D Indoor Growing   Shenandoah Growers  Harrisonburg, VA  Ignosh  2019-04-25 
Internship  Engineering trainee (civil)  US corps of Engineers  variable  Andrew Penshorn  2019-03-07 
Volunteering  Volunteer  The Maventy Vitamin  Madagascar  Yamilet Macias-Orihuela  2019-02-22 
Internship  Research Experiences and Internships at the National Energy Technology Laboratory  Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education  Albany, Oregon  Christine Ash  2019-02-21 
Internship  Research Participation Programs at the NIH  National Institutes of Health  Depends on Program  Yamilet Macias  2019-02-15 
Job Post  Food Safety Quality Technician  Fritolay  Beloit, WI  Joshua James  2019-02-08 
Job Post  Summer Internship  National Renewable Energy Laboratory  Golden, Colorado  Elizabeth Bose  2019-02-01 
Job Post  Superintendent/Shenandoah Valley AREC  VT  Shenandoah Valley  Liza Spradlin  2018-12-18 

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