Wireless Chargers

Using a wireless charger to charge your phone? Be sure to keep your Hokie Passport away from the charger as wireless chargers have been known to damage cards.


Our online deposit system will be down for system maintenance on February 24 from 1am-10am. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Mobile ID App

Lost your Hokie Passport and need a backup method to access your residence hall? Try the Mobile ID app! Note that Mobile ID is currently available for doors located in on-campus residence halls only.

HPS Merchant Notice:

Kroger is temporarily experiencing issues with their network connections. Please call ahead before attempting to use Hokie Passport Account funds at their location.

  Hokie Wallet is here!

Students, families and guests can now conduct financial transactions with both Hokie Passport Services and the Bursar's Office in one convenient and easy-to-use location. Try today and let us know what you think!

Dates & Deadlines

Spring Dining Plan Registration Ends: Thursday, January 17 at 11:59pm
(Note: Off-campus students may add a dining plan at any time.)
Spring Dining Plans Begin: Friday, January 18 at 3pm
Spring Dining Plans End: Wednesday, May 15 at 8pm
Summer I Dining Plans Begin: May 26 at 5pm
Summer I Dining Plans End: July 9 at 7:30pm
Summer II Dining Plans Begin: July 8 at 4:30pm
Summer II Dining Plans End: August 17 at 6:30pm

Did you know?

HPS is excited to announce that Virginia Tech is migrating to smart card technology!

Did you know that your ID card may have an antenna and chip embedded within the card?
If you are an on-campus student or employee and don't have a smart card yet, you will likely receive one in the future. Don't worry, your new card will be multitechnology - that means you'll still retain access to anything that uses magstripe technology as well as anything new! Upgrading will simply ensure continuity in service as the university continues to convert readers to smart card technology.

Since smart cards contain sophisticated technology components within the card, you should take care of your card by following these guidelines to protect your card's antenna/chip:

  • Do not bend the card.
  • Do not punch holes in the card.
  • Do not chew on the card. Do not allow your pet to chew on the card.
  • Never store the card in direct sunlight or other excessive conditions.
  • Keep your card away from strong electromagnetic fields.
  • Never use your ID as a tool. It may be tempting to use your card as
    an ice scraper or wedge. Don't.

Intentional damage or misuse of an ID card will result in a replacement fee.

How are we doing?

We would love to hear from you!

For convenience, students with a dining plan in the fall will automatically receive the same dining plan in the spring unless they elect to make changes. Students may elect to make changes through January 11 at midnight via the Online Services menu.

If an on-campus student is not returning due to graduation, co-op, transfer, withdrawal, or other reason, the spring dining plan will be removed after the student has officially checked out of the residence hall with the building staff. Students should allow a few business days for processing time. Off-campus students who are not returning can remove their dining plan online.


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