Corn & Small Grain Management

Multimedia Items

Alternative Winter Cover Crops for Virginia

Corn Hybrid Trial - 2010 Summary

Simulated Aerial Seeding of Cover Crops, 2009

Intensive Wheat Management, Yield components and developmental stages. (Macromedia Breeze)

Intensive Wheat Management, Yield Building Factors: Genetics, seeding rate, and row spacing. (Macromedia Breeze)

Micronutrients in Virginia Corn (Macromedia Breeze)

Specialty Soybean Development and Production in Virginia (Powerpoint)

Specialty Small Grains Variety Development (Powerpoint)

Bread Wheat and Hulless Barley Management (Powerpoint)

Corn and Small Grains in VA - March 2008 update (Powerpoint)

Greenseeker for Corn and Wheat in Virginia (Powerpoint)

Wheat and Barley Management (Powerpoint)

Wheat and Barley Management (Powerpoint) 2011

The State of Precision Ag in the Southeast USA: 2011 InfoAg Conference (Powerpoint).

DCR Nutrient Management Training July, 2015- Crop Production and Managmement

DCR Nutrient Management Training July, 2015- Economic of Crop Fertilization

DCR Nutrient Management Training July, 2015- Liming and Liming Materials

Implementing the VA Wheat Algorithm for GreenSeeker





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