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Monday, November 11, 2019
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Today is:
Sat, Oct 16, 2021

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All day Veteran's Day - Break/Holiday
Classified Staff Holiday -- University Open
VT Arabic Oman Exhibit - Academic (Newman Library, Second floor Commons)
The Photo Exhibit for VT Arabic Oman showcases students' experience in Oman studying Arabic and immersing in the Arabic culture. It display... more
In Search of the Beauty of Nature - Academic (Art & Architecture Library Gallery Wall, Cowgill Hall)
The appreciation of nature is always a guideline for organic architecture. Each leaf, twig and stone have stories to tell, and when combined... more
Computer Visions: An Interdisciplinary Exhibit of Algorithms and Artwork - Arts (Newman Library, first floor)
On display on the first floor of Newman Library from now to December 20th, Computer Visions: An Interdisciplinary Exhibit of Algorithms and ... more
10:00am Veterans Week - Academic (VT Library )
The American Soldier in WWII 72-hour Transcribathon VT Library Athenaeum (Host: Sarah Mease)
10:30am Veterans Day Remembrance Ceremony - Corps (War Memorial Chapel and the Pylons)
The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets will honor Veterans Day and the service of our military with a remembrance ceremony. Del. Nick Rush of Vir... more
12:00pm The Peace Project:Community Created Art Exhibit - Arts (Squires Perspective Gallery)
The Peace Project has been an 18 month journey where community members, Virginia Tech students, faculty and staff were invited to create sim... more
1:00pm Industrial Design Senior Student Presentations/Exhibition - College of Architecture and Urban Studies (Cowgill Hall Lobby, 2nd Floor)
Industrial design senior studio students are having an exhibition and presentations on Monday, November 11th starting at 1pm, of their proje... more
3:00pm Blocksburg Summit: Blockchain and Beyond - Seminar/Conference (Inn at Virginia Tech and Conference Center)

4:45pm Veterans Day Formal Retreat Ceremony - Corps (Upper Quad Flagpole)
To honor Veterans Day, the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets will hold a formal retreat ceremony on Upper Quad. The Color Guard will lower the f... more
5:00pm Bodies, Biology, and Society: A Biosocial Approach to Health in Appalachia - Special Event (Multipurpose Room, Newman Library)
RSVP so we can feed you! https://tinyurl.com/rsvpNov11 Many health studies focus on the body in isolation from history, geography, and the ... more
8:00pm Ceruti String Quartet - Music/Theatre/Dance (Squires Recital Salon)
Since its inception in 1994, the Ceruti String Quartet has brought chamber music to audiences of all ages in performances described variousl... more

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