Registrants for the 2014 CAUS 50th Celebration Weekend Faculty and Staff Registration

Kathryn Albright '82 and John Albright '75 
Jim Bassett and Paola Zellner  
Yvan Beliveau and Joyce Beliveau 
Ellen Braaten 
Markus Breitschmid 
Tanyel Bulbul and Ozgur Bulbul  
Truman Capone '83 and Faith Capone  
Rosina Carter 
Terry Clements 
Kevin Concannon and Margo Crutchfield  
Clara Cox '84 and Bill Cox '66 
jack Davis '74 and Linda Davis '73 
Henri de Hahn and Tracee de Hahn  
Meaghan Dee and Nick Duncan '03 
Deborah Dickerson and Robert Dickerson  
Patrick Doan and Meredith Doan 
Dave Dugas '86 and Gina Bonomo  
Donna Dunay '71 and Robert Dunay '71 
kirsten egger '07 
Michael Ermann Michael and Lauren Ermann  
Christine Fiori 
William Galloway 
Scott Gartner 
Michael Garvin and Bettye Ackerman 
Katie Gehrt 
Katie Gehrt 
Hans Gindlesberger and Soyeon Jung 
Elizabeth Grant '95 and David Grant '94 
Betty Hahn '82 and Doug Chancey '78 
Sonia Hirt and Oliver Hirt 
Henry Hollander 
Jaan Holt '64 and Helen Holt  
Aki Ishida 
Ben Johnson and Janice McBee  
Jeff Joiner 
Mel Jones '11 and Patrick O'Brien '08 
Dennis Jones and Sonyan Jones  
Warren Kark and Margie Kark  
brian katen 
Anne Khademian and Zarir Khademian  
Dennis Kilper and Rosalie Kilper  
Mintai Kim 
Brian Kleiner and Debbie Kleiner 
Ted Koebel and Nancy Koebel  
Tim Luke and Kay Heidbreder  
Andrew McCoy '08 and Alyce McCoy 
Patrick Miller 
Thom Mills '78 and Beatrice Mills  
Beatrice Mills 
Simone Paterson and David Eggleston 
Hunter Pittman '86 
Christy Porterfield and Curt Porterfield '96 
Bert Rodriguez 
Mary Rodriguez-Camilloni and Bert Rodriguez-Camilloni  
Jocelyn Sanders 
Bob Schubert '74 and Patrice Hart-Schubert '93 
Jamie Simmons 
Marty Simpson 
Greg Tew 
Mitzi Vernon '86 and Ginny Jeppesen  
Frank Weiner  Guests: Frank Weiner 
Kris Wernstedt 
Joseph Wheeler '95 
Keith Zawistowski '03 and Marie Zawistowski